6 Things men like to do after sex…but are they acceptable?

All of us have very different opinions about sex and how we should behave after sex. Each of us will have our own way of dealing with things and no one way is right. When it comes to sex, women can get extremely picky about things being just so. Men obviously do things differently and women may not always find that pleasing. However, there is nothing wrong with men dealing with sex differently.

These are 6 things that men like to do after sex which may not seem acceptable to all women but is really not that big of a deal:

#6 Some like to light one up after sex

We are in no way encouraging smoking here, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to light a cigarette after a good and fulfilling session. Smoking a cigarette after sex is said to be one of the most relaxing and elevating feelings and it is quite a commonly followed belief.

#5 Some men want to get cute and cuddly

Some men like to cuddle more after sex and it is their way of showing their love and affection. Sex makes a lot of people feel very closely connected to their partner and so cuddling after sex is something that a lot of men like to do

#4 Some like to open up and talk about things

After sex, there are some men who feel like they can open up about their feelings and emotions. There is nothing wrong in embracing a connection with your partner and opening up about what you are feeling. Some men let their guard down and will try and involve their partner in their lives

#3 Some men want to dress up and leave

This may seem unacceptable to most women, but everyone has their own way of dealing with things. The time after sex can be awkward for some men who prefer to leave the awkwardness and walk away.

#2 Some men like to re-connect and form a closer bond

Some men like to re-connect after sex and just let the intimacy and closeness take over. It’s a point when men allow themselves to feel vulnerable and there is nothing wrong in embracing that.

#1 Some men like to fall asleep right after sex

This is probably just because your body is tired and needs to rest after sex. After a tiring session, there is nothing more pleasing than to just close your eyes and fall asleep!

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