A precise Egyptian horoscope reveals your personality and destiny to the smallest detail

We are all well-versed in traditional astrology, we know which sign we were born and what we are in a sign. However, most do not know about the Egyptian horoscope, which is one of the oldest. This ancient horoscope reveals perhaps more than the one we are used to. Find your birth date and enter into the long hidden secrets of your subconscious and the fate that awaits you.


Nile from 01.01 to 07.01 / from 19.06 to 28.06 / from 01.09 till 07.09 / from 18.11. to 26.11

You are a very decisive and dedicated person, as well as the Nile River itself. You are fully committed to your goals and in life you can achieve everything you desire. You are ambitious, strong and unshakable, just like Neil himself.

Amon Ra from 08.01 to 21.01 / from 01.02 to 11.02

Amon Ra, the supreme god, fully reflects your influence and strength. Your best qualities are courage and self-confidence. You are born leaders and one day this role will be fully realized.

Mout from 22.01 to 31.01 / from 08.09 to 22.09

Mut is a queen of the gods and an Egyptian mother-goddess. If she rules your sign, you are very subtle, even shy. However, you are also very sensitive, generous, and attentive. Your thoughtfulness, patience and the desire to protect your loved ones make you a person who will easily love it.

Geb from 12.02 to 29.02 / from 20.08 to 31.08

Geb is a god on earth, honored for all the living things that grow in this world. You are very attractive, lovers of truth and valuable. You are sincere and people depend on you, just as they depend on the land, which gives them what they need for life.


Osiris from 01.03 to 10.03 / from 27.11 to 18.12

Osiris is the god of death and the underworld. If you were born in his sign, you are very wise and discerning. Your ideal occupation is starting your own business. You are good at making decisions and you can easily get into everyone’s character.

Izida from 11.03 to 31.03 / from 18.10 to 29.10 / from 19.12 to 31.12

Isis is goddess of health, marriage and wisdom. If she is your protector, it means that you are wise, but also devoted and proud of all that you have achieved, because you have achieved this with your own hard work.

The one from 01.04 to 19.04 / from 08.11 to 17.11

He is the god of the moon and wisdom. That means that you are very intelligent and good at solving problems. You want puzzles and interesting philosophical questions. You enjoy reading and learning because you do not appreciate anything more than knowledge.

Horus from 20.04 to 07.05 / from 12.08 to 19.08

Horus is God in heaven, war, and hunting. Like him, you do not even fear the risks and always aim high. You are very faithful and have high goals. You are already seeing yourself as a future king.


Anubis from 08.05 to 27.05 / from 29.06 to 13.07

Anubis is the god of graves and mummification. That’s why you enjoy a peaceful and quiet life. You want the loneliness and want to think in peace and quiet for everything. You are very obedient and modest in everything you do. People want to be near you for your tranquil and calming aura.

Set from 28.05 to 18.06 / from 28.09 to 02.10

Seth is the god of the storm, evil, chaos, and war. The personalities whose protector is he is very open, social and always moody for socializing and action. Because of your social contacts, you can often benefit greatly. You are open, sincere and friendly.

Bastet from 14.07 to 28.07 / from 23.09 to 27.09 / from 03.10 to 17.10

Bastet is a goddess of cats, protection, joy, music and friendship. You are a very tactful person who is moving away from conflicts and carrying a truce when an argument arrives. Just as Bastet protects you, you also need to protect all people around you.

Sector from 29.07 to 11.08 / from 30.10 to 07.11

Sekhmet is a goddess of fertility, fire and health. You are very caring and sensitive. You are fair and honest in everything you do and you believe that justice always wins in the end. You are also very talkative, careful and open. Because of this, people endlessly rely on you.

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