An innocent child was saved when the vehicle he was in lost control.  “Thank God ” A car was sliding out of control on an icy road while three big trucks storm towards the car at high speeds. With high probability that the car would be hit and seriously damaged everything happens with a flash.

As the car approaches the first truck it slightly misses doing a half spiin but at the end up crashing its back end into a massive 18 wheeler tearing the back end off. In the moment that happens a baby boy flies out of the car landing right in the middle of the lane where for a second speedingtruck is charging towards.

There’s nothing more thet can terrified parents like do as the second truck presses forward but by Gods miracle. The truck barely swerved over and missed the helpless baby laying in the road. The father finally realizes what’s going on and runs out to pick up his baby boy before a third truck can run  over him…

His parents grab him in the nick of time then gather the child’s clothes while the third truck slows down allowing them pick up all the items. An Angel must of saved the child’s life and it’was all caught on camera.

Watch THis Miracles ….

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