(John 10:10) } Satan is always at its best on working to destroy the identity that God has in stored inside of us. That’s what he likes to do. Man, on the other way around, is always at stake of being challenged with this and if not founded firmly with the POWER of God’s Word,

Chances of being victimized by the enemy is certain at a point.With all of this at hand, remind yourself of never letting the devil set the agenda over your life. The very first thing you’ve got to know for yourself is to discern his lies and never ever believe it.

“The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert to be alone. No conflict! Jesus wanted to fast and conquer his flesh. Conveniently, there was no food around to tempt him. No conflict! The devil comes along and tempts Jesus with unappetizing stones.

Jesus rejects the temptation without a second thought and immediately trumps it with the “bread” of the word of God. No conflict! The devil made so little headway with that temptation he moved on to two other temptations even more ridiculous than asking a fasting God/man to turning stones to bread: a temptation based on hunger for power over men, and a temptation based on hunger for power over angels.

But Jesus knew he already had all power in heaven and on earth, he just had to not give any of it away to the devil. I’d like to see chapter and verse for “the Holy Spirit will lead you into conflict, but only ones you are equipped to win.” In my own personal experience I was led by the Holy Spirit into two “conflict” situations back-to-back where I was completely clueless, blindsided and defenseless. I have faith that God had some purpose in it which is yet to be revealed, but I got knocked on my can.

What I can agree with is that whatever conflicts we get ourselves into by trying to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit, God is well-equipped to win in the end, even if He has to raise us up from the dead like He did Jesus. Bill’s right that the devil tempted both Jesus and Eve by subtly calling into question their identities. We too, often limit ourselves because of our own limiting self-image rather than dwelling on our being in the image and likeness and adopted sonship of God.”

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