Off-Duty Cop Revived 4-Year-Old Who Nearly Drowned On Her Birthday

Little Davie’onna’s fourth birthday was almost her last. The girl nearly drowned. But God placed a special guardian angel at the pool that day. An off-duty cop revived the lifeless little girl and saved the day!

Davie’onna and Jeff Haire, a corporal with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office and 20-year police veteran, happened to be at the same local pool in Panama City Beach.

Davie’onna was celebrating her fourth birthday with friends and family. Jeff was there separately, enjoying some family time. But it turns out God put Jeff at the pool for a much bigger purpose!

Spotting Danger

Jeff instantly knew there was trouble when he noticed a man carrying what looked like a “lifeless” child out of the water.

“I had investigated several drownings before in my career and the ones that didn’t make it always had that foam around their nose and mouth area,” Jeff said. “When I saw that on her, I just thought the worst.”

Things grew even more dire when Jeff searched for a pulse on Davie’onna without success. And so, he immediately began performing CPR. Things were tense, but finally after several rounds, the off-duty cop revived the little girl.

“I felt her heart rate go from literally 0 to about 100 – just like that,” Jeff recalled.

Davie’onna was barely holding on. Jeff scooped her limp body up into his arms, and raced over to an arriving ambulance. Terrified, Kiara Greene, the girl’s mother, hopped into the ambulance, which rushed Davie’onna to the hospital.

Fearing the worst, Kiara couldn’t believe her ears when doctors said there were no signs of brain damage.

“It was a miracle,” Kiara said. “That’s why I call Jeff her guardian angel.”

Jeff came by later to check on Davie’onna, carrying with him a teddy bear to give to the little girl. He was equally amazed and grateful to hear the good news.

The two now share a special bond. They met up again at Davie’onna’s make-up birthday party — a party that never would have happened if not for Jeff’s brave actions. It’s something Kiara will never forget.

“I’m just so grateful,” she said. “With everything that’s going on in the world right now, there’s still awesome people like him.”

You never know when God might call you to save a life. We’re so glad God put Jeff at the pool that day, and that Davie’onna will get to enjoy plenty more birthdays!

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